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To assist nonprofits and companies who develop innovative solutions to social and/or environmental issues. We help them to identify and increase earned income and obtain the capital that they need.


  • Deal flow provided to investors based on their investment criteria. Click here to get information about impact investors and sign up for SMA's Investor News Brief.

  • Advisory Services to help nonprofits and social enterprises to create earned income and raise capital in support of their revenue model. Click here for more information about SMA's Services.

  • Education Curriculum that provides a comprehensive learning curriculum specifically focused on preparing social enterprises to attract capital and/or increase revenue sources.

  • SMA Assessment and Score using six key indicators tied to an organizations' or enterprises' readiness to raise capital. Our SMA Assessment© will provide an SMA Score© that can be used as a guide to determine where opportunities and deficiencies currently exist for raising capital. Click here to start the Assessment.


  • What is a social enterprise?

    There are various definitions for social enterprises. For SMA we work with nonprofits and for profit entities that have a definable and measurable social mission and are currently generating or interested in generating earned income.
  • How do you determine “Social Mission?’

    Our work embraces social enterprises (nonprofit and for profit) aimed at creating more equitable and sustainable communities for everyone. This includes social enterprises in the areas of: affordable housing, agriculture, education, energy, environmental, financial, food products, health, and job creation.
  • Can SMA help me develop earned income (revenue) sources?

    Yes. While not all organizations are able to create additional revenue sources, we are adept at identifying and creating new sources of earned income that is in line with an organizations or social enterprises mission.
  • I am a startup – can SMA help me?

    Yes. Many of our clients are startups, which have more difficulty than established businesses in understanding how to develop earned income models and raise capital to support those models.
  • We are a for profit business with a social mission, can we attract impact investor funding?

    Yes. For profits with a defined social mission that are engaged in developing revenue generating products or services are best suited to attracting impact investor funding as well as debt (loans).
  • How do I know if my company or organization is prepared for raising capital?

    Our experience has shown us there are some basic indicators, which determines readiness for obtaining funding. However, all social enterprises are different. Take our SMA Assessment which is one step towards discovering your funding readiness.


Gladiators of Social Change

glad·i·a·tor noun: gladiator; (in ancient Rome) a man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena. What does a gladiator have to do with social change? Well, these 21st century leaders wield weapons of innovation and market based solutions to...
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Why Social Enterprises Should Know Their Numbers

Regardless of your definition of a social enterprise, in order for it to be successful it has to be profitable. Profitability allows social enterprises to achieve their mission. In order for the social enterprises to be financially viable it has to be profitable. The more...
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How Social Enterprise enables Nonprofits to Create Jobs

For a Nonprofit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, social enterprise is a tool to create earned income to support their mission. The Social Enterprise Alliance provides some context to this concept: “In its early days, the social enterprise movement was identified mainly with...
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RSF Social Finance Video

I am attaching this video just released by RSF Social Finance, located in San Francisco, CA, that provides financing to social enterprises throughout the country. RSF has provided $75 million in financing to over 80 for-profit and non-profit social enterprises. If you know of a...
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